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Know where your food is from and how it's raised. We value your trust letting us produce the clean, healthy food you want.

Welcome to our new processing division.  In an effort to be able to process our meats the way we desire we have purchased a 7000 square foot facility outside Colfax, IN.  We are pleased to bring natural meat processing options to not only our own farm but to serve your needs as well through toll processing.  Our passion is in serving other small producers and providing the services they desire.  Whether you are selling by the 1/2, whole, or cut we can meet your needs.  The facility is federal inspected to allow for retail sales nationwide.  Our meat cutter has 10 years of experience and does a fantastic job getting you the cuts you desire.  We have 10 years of experience in the natural foods market place and can help you make the decisions that your customers want.  We will strive to bring you the best processing service we can.  Please call us for current pricing and to schedule your appointment.

Processing location:

9572 W County Road 650 S
Colfax, IN 46035

(765) 324-2161

Office Hours:

Monday 9am-6pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday 9am-2pm


Processing Instructions:

Download the processing instructions as a spreadsheet by clicking on the appropriate animal from the list below.  Then, you may fill out the instructions and send them back to us, or just stop in or give us a call if you would like more guidance. Standard cuts are available if desired.

Click Here to view Beef Standard Cut
Beef Cutting Instruction-Blank
Beef Standard Cutting Instructions-Prefilled

Click Here to View Hog Standard Cut
Hog Standard Cutting Instruction- Prefilled
Hog Cutting Instruction- Blank

List of Sausage Seasonings and Descriptions DOCX PDF

Click here to view Lamb Standard Cut
Lamb Cutting Instruction- Blank
Lamb Standard Cutting Instruction- Prefilled

Poultry Cutting Instruction Sheet

Venison Cutting Instruction Sheet 

Livestock Drop Off Sheet

Learn more about buying in bulk by downloading the the Iowa State Whole Animal Buying Guide.  Your support of Local Indiana Farms is great when you purchase a This Old Farm Package Deal.